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“If your website has any content about one of our destinations, such as Tanzania, Nepal or Honduras, you can generate extra income by advertising for our flights.

Our easy to integrate inter-active search box can limit flights to countries you feature. So if you are having a hotel in Tanzania, you can limit the flight choice to Tanzania. This looks much better to your user.

For every booking you receive a 2% commission which you can withdraw anytime to your PayPal account.

Our affiliate module let’s you create a search form which is adaptable in size and colors to your website. You can track all sales online.  Sign up and get started now!”

DaveNew Business Development

Flexible Design

We have designed a frame generator. With this powerful yet easy to use tool, you can design a flight search box which fits your page. You can change the size, colors and the text.

Choose from over 20 languages the one you want to have displayed. You can also limit the search form to destinations, example you want only flights from / to Honduras to be displayed.

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  • Easy To Integrate Flight Search
  • No Contract, No Obligations
  • 2% On Every Sales
  • Withdraw At Any Time With PayPal
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